College Bowl Games Are Worth Big Money – Infographic

The smell of Fall, the grid iron, the tailgating, your college football team winning and going to a bowl game. Bowl games have been around for a very long time. The first college football bowl game was held in 1902 at the Rose Bowl. The game was played between Michigan and Stanford, Michigan whopped up on Stanford 49-0. The game was called when Stanford requested and Michigan agreed to end it with around 8 minutes on the clock.

That first college football bowl game was so lopsided that the game was not played again annually until 1916. In 1916  the Tournament of Roses decided to reattempt the postseason college football bowl game. The term “bowl” originates from the shape of the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California, which was built in 1923 and looked like a bowl. This is where the name “bowl” came in to use, as it became known as the Rose Bowl Game. Many other games came along after and used the term “bowl”, whether the stadium was shaped like a bowl or not.

These college bowl games bring billions in tickets, tourism, hotels, betting, T.V., and many other things to the teams, schools, host cities and companies.

College Football Bowl Games Infographic
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