Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

Whether you have a small, medium or large business, there are advantages to upgrading your standard PBX to a cloud based PBX service. No longer do businesses have to rely on a single piece of equipment to ensure reliable phone service. A cloud based PBX can employ multiple servers for redundancy.

Reliability is just one feature of cloud based phones. Both time and money can be saved through less maintenance and no install costs with a cloud PBX. Flexibility is key for ANY business looking to move and grow into the future. Cloud based phone service allows instant set up, unified communications (receive desk calls on your smartphone and more) as well as easy set up for new users. Call control and set up is controlled from your desktop or mobile device. Activate call forwarding, set up voicemail and much more, efficiently.

If you need more business features with your phone service, the cloud delivers again. Seamlessly migrate to a cloud solution and keep all your current call and user features and your hardware. Additionally, a cloud based phone system saves money through the use of less energy, which means a lower power bill for your company. Not to mention a reduction in your carbon footprint, which is beneficial for the environment.

Check out an example of a cloud based phone service provider here.


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