Chicken Coop Checklist

When I first started looking at building my own chicken coop I was astounded at the amount of information there was on the web. I thought to myself, “How can such a simple process be so complicated?” I fear that for newcomers to this hobby all this information may cause them to either not keep poultry or to get bogged down in the design and planning phase of their coop project. In fact, a DIY coop is a relatively simple process.

This infographic compiles 8 of the most important features that any coop should have. Nothing more, nothing less. The aim is to have this spread around to try and reduce the complexity. With these 8 simple features you’ll have a great coop that will be able to home a few birds. Remember, starting with a simple coop is better than not starting at all!

Chicken Coop Infographic

Original source of infographic found here.

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