Beneath the Veil: A Closer Look at the Muslim Ban

Genocidal dictatorships always come in stages, and what starts as a yellow star easily leads to the “group shower of no return”. History shows that not much has changed for the aspirant Deep State.

In 2017, it’s business as usual for the American establishment. Whether it’s the Trail of Tears, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, or Executive Order 9066, Trump’s Muslim ban follows a bipartisan legacy of terrorizing black and brown people across the planet under the disguise American security.

The Iraq and Afghan invasions. The overthrow of Libya. The rape of Syria. The humiliation of Yemen. The long oppression of Palestine. Trump’s Muslim ban has nothing to do with keeping American safe, but hedging risk for the Empire. US terrorism has been sabotaging Arab democracies and empowered the worst elements of Saudi’s Wahhabi contagion since 1971. This infographic offers the facts on Trump’s Muslim ban. Here’s the hate by the numbers.

Donald Trump’s muslim ban infographic by Allriot

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