BathEmpire BTU Infographic

As winter strikes, it’s difficult to block out the sounds of howling wind, the grey, thundering skies and blistery chills you get every time you walk out your door. To stay on the safe side, a lot of us tend to turn up the heat as high as possible and try to remain in the warm solace of our homes.

However, most people really are not aware of what style and size of radiator would be needed to warm up a small, medium or large space. This is where BTU comes into play. British Thermal Unit, referred to as BTU in short, is used to help you assess this very matter and keep down the costs of your electricity bills to a minimum.

Now, there is no need to get daunted by the thought measuring your BTU and assessing how to cut down those costs all by yourselves, as we have made it so much easier by providing you with a simplified explanation of what BTU is all about.

Who really wants to overheat a small room with unnecessary heaters and pay all those excessive bills? Or waste your time with a small heater in a large space that would never thaw. Read on to find out more.


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