Set the Stage with Bar Mitzvah Announcements – Infographic

The Bar Mitzvah announcement serves two purposes. First, it serves as an invitation for your guests, giving them the details about the event. Second, it sets the tone for the event, showing the guests ahead of time how formal the party will be.

Because they serve this dual purpose, the announcements should match the theme of the party and the personality of the young man who is being honored. Announcements can be funny, formal or trendy, depending on what is the best match for the event. To save time, consider using a printing company that allows you to customize the message at the time of printing, so you do not have to fill in the time, date and location information over and over. This will also help the announcements look more professional.

Order the announcements three to six months prior to the event. Then, three months prior, finalize your guest list and begin addressing the announcements. Plan to mail them six to eight weeks before the event. This will give guests sufficient time to plan to attend, without the risk that they will forget.

Before you add postage, weigh a completed and assembled announcement to ensure that you use enough postage. Buy the stamps, stamp and then mail the announcements. By following this timeline, you will ensure that a large number of your guests will be able to attend.

Bar Mitzvah Jewish Rituals - Infographic

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