The Most Annoying Office Habits in the UK

When you work in an office, you’re often confined in a room with people that you perhaps otherwise wouldn’t socialize with, much less spend hours upon hours of your time with! However, work is work and there isn’t a lot you can do about your colleagues, unfortunately. Saying that, if you’re putting everything into your tasks at hand, the last thing you want is someone driving you crazy with their annoying, or frankly even disgusting habits.

Paperstone surveyed 1000 office workers to find out the ultimate in annoying office habits. The findings were pretty surprising with some interesting differences between men and women, and even differences depending on where the respondents live. Overall though, it seems that the thing people find the most annoying is leaving food in the fridge for months on end. The least annoying habit was loud typing – everyone’s in the same boat and so that’s probably not a shock there. There are some you’d probably never even considered until now, so hopefully you’ll continue not to notice them.

The Scots and the Northern Irish really aren’t keen on a bit of gossip in the office, whereas the Welsh tended to say it was people clipping their nails in the office. We’re wondering why anyone would do that in the office at all!

Annoying Office Habits Infographic

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