How Americans Will Trim the Fat This Thanksgiving – Infographic

Most of us make sure we go all-out for Thanksgiving. We want the biggest turkey, the best breads for their stuffing, the most amazing pumpkin pie. I get my pumpkin pie at Costco.

Thanksgiving, like all holidays can be rough on the family budget. When black Friday shopping starts, we all might wish we had spent spent less on the Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few ways to trim the fat on the Thanksgiving budget and still have a good time.

Some of the best stores to buy food fixings are Costco, Walmart, Target, and Sams Club to name a few. Not surprisingly, they are the largest big box retail chains in the United States.

When shopping, remember that item sales vary from week to week. Start shopping early so you can get deals on all your items as they appear. Black Friday can be crazy but wow it can bring some deals.

Thanksgiving infographic

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