American Family Finance And Money Statistics – Infographic

Have you ever wondered how you stack up compared to the “normal” American or how your family stacks up to the “normal” American family in terms of money and finance? Thanks to, we have some fun data to look at!  Let’s dive in to some very interesting statistics on money and finance in America.
American Family Finance And Money Statistics Infographic

The Average American Family

  • $3,800 in their savings account
  • 25% have no savings at all
  • $117,951 is the average amount of household debt
  • $160,000 is the average American family home value
  • $95,000 is the average balance owed on their home mortgage
  • $43,000 is the average annual income for an American household
  • $2,200 is the average total balance of credit card debt

We, as average Americans, now spend 23% of our income of food and gas.  Can you believe that?!!!

60% of California public school system students now qualify and take advantage of free or reduced price lunches from their school

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