America is Active!

Americans everywhere are participating in more active lifestyles. Whether it’s running, swimming, cycling, climbing, etc., people are getting out and leaving behind formerly sedentary lifestyles. Just to see how active people have become, last year there were over 28,200 races throughout the U.S. Of all the participants, over 19,025,000 people completed these different races.

Wonder where the largest and most popular marathons are? Marathons are scattered throughout the United States, which means countless people have to travel to different destinations. You don’t want to leave your home unprotected, especially since a home invasion happens nearly every 14 seconds. Annually, that’s over 2 million homes that are broken into throughout the United States. Of these, 97 percent occurred while no one was home. ADT monitoring provides remote home monitoring with home automation—allowing anyone to pursue their active lifestyle without worrying about the safety of their home.

It’s time to pursue the trail in front of you without worrying what’s happening back at home. ADT Pulse lets you monitoring your home from anywhere—even during a marathon.

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