Adolescent Marijuana Smoking Statistics

How many teens are smoking pot? Find out who’s toking here. Plus, information about the real harms of marijuana, including the long term effects of smoking pot, especially on the brain after adolescent initiation of use (weed affects IQ). And a short section on how to intervene with teenagers in order to address drug abuse problems.

Most pot smokers deny that smoking marijuana affects health negatively. But new studies have revealed that teenagers who start smoking pot in their adolescence can experience long term impairment of cognitive and neural function in the brain. In fact, teens who start smoking pot during the teenage years can lower their IQ.

Here, we review data provided from the National Institute of Drug Abuse taken from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Check out who’s toking and why smoking marijuana is generally not a good idea for teenagers. Also, a section on what to do to prevent or halt teenage marijuana smoking, and how to intervene in a loved one’s life. Your comments and feedback are totally welcomed at the end.

Teenage pot smoking statistics (INFOGRAPHIC)


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