64 LinkedIn Networking Tactics

LinkedIn is unlike any other social network. Part networking meeting, part trade show, part advisory board, it’s the optimal network for business-to-business professionals to meet, network, and work together to create win-win opportunities.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Networking Infographic outlines 64 tactics in eight categories: combine them for a possible four million unique networking strategies. The categories are:

  • Profile. If you’re reaching out to potential partners, pitching to speak at a conference, or applying for a job, this is the first place people will look. Make it robust, compelling, and professional.
  • Company Page. This is your business page, from which you speak as a brand. Large brands use them to create a high level of business branding, while small businesses benefit by displaying a banner, videos, and recommendations from clients.
  • Search. A powerful tool to find past connections from alumni to previous managers and colleagues. Also use search to mine LinkedIn for potential clients, vendors, and joint venture partners.
  • Gallery. Where you can add multimedia to your profile, including images, video, PDFs, and more. Use this as an opportunity to connect with visitors on a deeper basis by offering infographics, how-to videos, and white papers.
  • Groups. Network with colleagues from across the globe in like-minded industry groups. Excellent opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals who aren’t competing with you.
  • Connections. Your contacts in LinkedIn. This is where the power lies in this social network. Be intentional about developing a strategic network that can help you achieve your goals.
  • Endorsements. LinkedIn’s version of the Easy button: one-click recommendations of a connection for a specific skill. A profile filled with endorsements is a huge credibility booster.
  • Recommendations. The real deal when it comes to getting testimonials in LinkedIn. You can both ask for and offer written recommendations from connections in LinkedIn.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide to Networking Infographic

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