5 Reasons to Take Bariatric Vitamins

The body needs enough iron to quickly recover after a bariatric surgery. However, consuming enough iron on a daily basis may seem challenging, especially if we only depend on food.

Fortunately there are vitamins that provide enough iron to prevent deficiencies. Do you know that bariatric deficiency is caused by not getting enough iron? Below are some signs of iron deficiency:

  • Frail Nails. No matter how much you beautify your nails, if you lack iron, they will still look frail.
  • Unable to Focus. Your ability to stay focus may become more challenging if you have iron deficiency.
  • Always Tired. Iron is used by your body to produce hemoglobin—a substance in red blood cells which carries oxygen. If you don’t have enough hemoglobin, your oxygen level drops, making you feel chronically tired.\
  • Chewing Ice. You might think of this as a harmless habit, or something you do when hungry. But when it becomes irresistible, it can be a sign of bariatric deficiency.
  • Apathy. Apathy could be a sign of iron deficiency. It’s a feeling of indifference towards workmates, friends, or even your family.
  • Pale Skin. Obviously, having pale skin is not a good sign. This happens because the blood flow reduces and the amount of red blood cells drops.
  • Dark Shadows. These dark, under-eye circles are caused by poorly oxygenated blood, which becomes more visible beneath the thin skin under the eyes.
  • Hard to Breath. This happens whether you’re just walking to your car or doing some minor house cleaning.

A bottle of Journey 3+3 All-in-One Berry Tabs is the solution. Each tablet is specially formulated with iron, and are also packed with Albion® minerals, vitamins, calcium, and probiotics that promote gastrointestinal health and reduce gas.
5 Reasons to Take Bariatric Vitamins

Original infographic provided by BariatricEating.com.

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