2016: An Election of Surprises

It’s astonishing to see how neck-to-neck our two presidential candidates campaigns are going thus far. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump literally have several points in the polls between them. And you couldn’t have two candidates any more different from one another. They have completely differing perspectives regarding foreign and domestic policy, the economy, human rights, education, etc. So it’ll be surprising to see who will win on Election Day come this November.

This infographic explores more of history’s surprises when it comes to presidential candidates and our former leaders. It explores who won the popular vote, but still lost the election (think Gore vs. George W. Bush in 2000). It also shows inside glances of our former presidents; facts not many know about. For instance, did you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president whose mother could vote for him? Before then, women weren’t allowed to vote. Or did you know that three presidents became widowers while in office? Six presidents never had kids of their own.

It’s amazing to see these facts and see a more human side of the people who have run our country.

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