10 Obscure Alcoholic Drinks Worth Tasting

There are many types of beverages across the globe, and a person can choose a different one for almost any mood and occasion. However, there seem to exist certain clichés when it comes to choosing alcohol. For example, beer is often consumed at sports events, parties and in pubs, wine is commonly served with meals, champagne is a symbol of celebration, and so on. Though each of these drinks has many different brands and varieties, sometimes going out and ordering or buying drinks becomes too predictable because it’s always the same types of drinks that we choose.

The following infographic aims to change that and inspire people to try something new. The next time you want to organize a party or other type of social gathering, surprise your guests with a selection of exquisite alcohol beverages that they have probably never tried before (and neither had you). Take a look at the graphic below and choose among the mysterious chartreuse from France, Black Seal which is Bermuda’s national drink, German bärenjäger made from honey, and several more delicious beverages that are definitely worth tasting.

Infographic: 10 Tempting Beverages That May Have Passed Under Your Radar

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