10 Health Tips For Men

There are many health tips circulating these days. It seems every time you turn around there is a new fad diet or craze. This infographic breaks down 10 of the best health tips we were able to find, specifically for men. You can read the details of each in the infographic but here they are in order: 10. Start Cooking, 9. Heavy It Up, 8. Keep Your Numbers Low, 7. Get Sweaty, 6. Be A Smart Patient, 5. Divide By Two, 4. Downward Dog, 3. Taste The Colors, 2. Get 8 Hours, and the #1 Health Tip – Don’t Skip Breakfast.


Original Source: http://cenegenicsjax.com/images/10_Health_Tips_For_Men_Cenegenics_JAX.jpg.

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