The 10 Most Hazardous Jobs in the U.S.

This infographic highlights which jobs in the United States are the biggest danger to workers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) regularly publishes data about workplace hazards. This infographic uses the most recent (2014) data that has been made available. You can probably guess which jobs are considered dangerous, but some of them may not have occurred to you.

The two most dangerous jobs are fishing and logging. Both of these jobs take place in environments that are inherently treacherous. The workplace changes constantly and conditions are always different. Much different than a standard office job! Jobs involving transportation also figure predominantly in this infographic. Mixing people with large powered vehicle is clearly a hazardous situation.

Safety managers can use this infographic to help create awareness within their facility of hazards that may exist. Even if your workplace isn’t cutting down trees or flying airplanes, there may be instances where those kinds of activities do take place.  Knowing that those kinds of things increase the possibility of injury, ramping up safety procedures and protocol would be wise. This is a good first step in reducing danger in the workplace.

Hazardous Jobs infographic

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